West Lebanon, New Hampshire

I heard about Studypool from a classmate. He uses it all the time to hire people to do his homework and essays.

I started to use it, too. Then, they sent me an email where could sign up to tutor. I didn't think they would hire me cause I'm only a freshman in high school. But, they did not even ask my age, social security number, or anything.

All they wanted was a street address and a cell phone number and a Facebook page. They also asked for the name of my school and what subjects I wanted to tutor. I had to type a few sentences about why I wanted to tutor. So far, I have done 6 jobs, today.

I really didn't know the answers to any of them. I just looked them up on Google and copyed and pasted. I have to wait 3 days before my money clears, so I can withdraw the money to paypal. This place is awesome.

I get $30 an hour for just looking stuff up on Google. No more mowing lawns and babysitting for me.

Don't know what everyone else is complaining about...I'm a little scared about the tutors that didn't get paid, though. I hope they pay me.

Reason of review: They hired me..

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